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(Verse 1)

It's like I don't know
It's like I don't know
Where I belong
Far away from home
My bro said I'm better off on my own
Doin music
Do it for them
Got a 10 city tour
Than I'm do it again
It's like.. Man You don't understand
Where I'm comin from
Treat me like the big bro
Tho I am the youngest one
They like face it
What if If we don't make it
I put it em on my back
Cause that's the last thing that's breaking
Sold out shows came from rappin in the basement
They thought it was wrap
Until I came back... home
Yeah That's right mafucka
You know who back up un it
When I had my back against the wall
You just stabbed me in it
So Imma take the same knife
And wish you the best
Than aim it right for your heart
N Send it straight thru your chest

(Verse 2)

It's like I don't know
It's like I don't know
I see em trapped
I see drama i see u abuse the fact
you young n dumb
You irresponsible
Always doin drugs
You hate the club
Yet you always end up at the club
New group of friends
New guy around you
Say it's only hug
But fuck
Look what it was
You wake up
Pissed off
A little drunk
Half asleep
Oh shit
Who did you fuck
No not him
Not him he was your friend
Not him
Not him
Who let him in
You had 10 shots
Ain't black out but
Got the spins
It's you girl
All you
You did
You were innocent
Just slipped up
Never meant to
Than you told a rumor
and with your life you ruined his too

(Verse 3)

225 and I'm Swervin
I exit at Alemeda
They meet us in a suburban
We crashed it fuck it was worth it
Got bags of weed and the molly
The police on us pshhh copy
I'm sweating tryna not go crazy
Growing up they told me I'd make it
It's go time hut hut no cadence
Ain't playing fuck Am I saying
I came up straight from the pavement
I Got a chance imma take it
Never took this foresaken
Fuck your 15 minutes
I'mma get it , too infinite
Blowing up u ain't wit me don't call
From the city where snow really fall
Ah yeah ah yeah
Fuck around here you might get tossed
I be movin

I'm movement I'm the music

These are stories from city
I conclude it

Like this