They told me leave the game but I'm married to it
They tried to make me quit but it's therapeutic
They tried to shoot me down bitch how dare you shoot me
I gave you all a chance now watch me lose it

(Verse 1)

Super villain
Who pretended
Who you kidding
Who u is
And who isn't

(Hold up)

This the return of the best
(Fuck that)
This the first time in the flesh
I was a mess
I rip my heart out my chest and I die for this shit
You can tell what I rep
This ain't no south side east coast bitch
I'm from the mid west (west, west)
I do not think that u hearing me
Half of these rappers they scared of me
Half of they projects are parodys
And please do not compare
My shit don't compare
Your shit don't come close
They know u no where
I don't got 1 flow

I put my faith in the skill
So fuck what they write on the internet
They told me hip hop got killed
Must be the night of the living dead

And I hate getting spiritual
But my life is a miracle
They told me I would miserable, pitiful
Walking the line of criminal
but Instead I was pivotal
Turned shit around now I be climbing the pinnacle
Listen my story ain't typical
I was invisible now I'm invincible
It ain't biblical bitch it was physical, clinical
Get to get to get to know me
More than music Man U more than phony
don't want to text u
I don't need emoji's
I just need to make it
Make it, make it
On my own
But nowadays they like who you know
fuck talkin bout who you know
I hate ppl that do the most
Start to wonder who they do it for
I'm running outta closet space now
store my skeletons in my studio
Big pimpin I'm back home
Whole Team I'm the back bone
Same back I got tats on
Member when I ragged on

Y'all wasn't hearing me
Bitch I got zero
Fear in me
Of killin me
I take out these rapper numerically
Top 20
Imma start at 20
Won't stop top till I got 1
Won't stop till the cops come
And even than I might pop one
I'm poppin off at the mouth now
Rappin like I got a shotgun
In my city I'm top 2
And mafucka you are not 1

Super villain