Chase A. Matthews was born on May 29th, 1997, in Denver, Colorado.

Chase started writing music when he was 14 years old but it was never in a serious manner. At 17 years old, Chase built a studio and began recording various tracks with other local artists.

His music started to receive mass amounts of attention around the high school he attended and the local area. After releasing music and performing at local shows, Chase decided music was, without a reasonable doubt, his calling.

When Chase turned 18, he moved to Los Angeles, California to attend school and further his education on Music at The Los Angeles Film School . Chase found his college experience to be rather disappointing and decided to drop out after a few short months of attending.

After teaching himself the skills needed to mix and master music, he released his first EP, "The Overnight Project" on June 15, 2016.


Chase's second project, 'seventeen' was released on June 17th, 2017.


On October 13th, 2017 Chase founded his own label Way Way Down Records in Kansas City, MO.


Chase, now 21 years old, released his second album and third project, 'The Chase LP', on March 23rd, 2018 through all music platforms with the help of EMPIRE Records and is working on building his fan base and knocking down new accolades on his way to becoming the artist he has always dreamed of being.


The Chase LP OUT NOW